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How to support us?

Supporting Two Kings Chess helps to keep chess alive in Essex. By supporting us you are supporting children and adults playing and progressing in chess. We strive to give you fun and enjoyment at our tournaments.

There are a few ways you can support us,

Entering the tournaments - The more players we have enter will help keep the tournaments running not to mention the more fun it makes playing in the tournament.

Donations - You can donate. This will help with the running and hiring costs as well as increasing the prize money at tournaments.

Helping out on the day - Keeping the venue looking tidy is very important as this will help with packing away at the end of the tournament. We spend lots of time making the event look presentable if you could keep it this way and tidy up before you leave it would help us all.

Spreading the word - Do you know of a chess player? Either adult or child? Invite them to the tournament as we have people come from all ages and abilities. The tournament can be for everyone.